Commit e29ee494 authored by Alan Zimmerman's avatar Alan Zimmerman

Fix AnnDotDot in module export

The annotation for the ".." in

    module GADTRecords2 (H1(..)) where

was in the wrong place
parent 25db56c2
......@@ -1412,7 +1412,7 @@ checkImportSpec ie@(L _ specs) =
mkImpExpSubSpec :: [Located (Maybe RdrName)] -> P ([AddAnn], ImpExpSubSpec)
mkImpExpSubSpec [] = return ([], ImpExpList [])
mkImpExpSubSpec [L l Nothing] =
return ([\s -> addAnnotation l AnnDotdot s], ImpExpAll)
return ([\s -> addAnnotation s AnnDotdot l], ImpExpAll)
mkImpExpSubSpec xs =
if (any (isNothing . unLoc) xs)
then return $ ([], ImpExpAllWith xs)
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