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Add explicit eta-reduction to GHCI's schemeE such that deriving Typeable won't panick.

parent 844fa868
......@@ -427,6 +427,13 @@ schemeE d s p (AnnNote note (_, body))
schemeE d s p (AnnCast (_, body) _)
= schemeE d s p body
-- XXX - audreyt - After FC landed, this case of explicit eta-reduction
-- seems needed to make "data D = D deriving Typeable" work in GHCi.
-- however, how did AnnLam with a var (LocalId) survive until this place?
schemeE d s p (AnnLam var (_, AnnApp (_, body) (_, AnnVar inner)))
| var == inner
= schemeE d s p body
schemeE d s p other
= pprPanic "ByteCodeGen.schemeE: unhandled case"
(pprCoreExpr (deAnnotate' other))
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