Commit e34e36a0 authored by mnislaih's avatar mnislaih
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:cd is a top level only command, that is, not allowed in inferior ghci sessions

parent b42bade7
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ builtin_commands :: [Command]
builtin_commands = [
("add", tlC$ keepGoingPaths addModule, False, completeFilename),
("browse", keepGoing browseCmd, False, completeModule),
("cd", keepGoing changeDirectory, False, completeFilename),
("cd", tlC$ keepGoing changeDirectory, False, completeFilename),
("def", keepGoing defineMacro, False, completeIdentifier),
("e", keepGoing editFile, False, completeFilename),
-- Hugs users are accustomed to :e, so make sure it doesn't overlap
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