Commit e4ab65bd authored by Tobias Dammers's avatar Tobias Dammers 🦈 Committed by Ben Gamari

Optimize coercionKind (Trac #11735)

Reviewers: simonpj, goldfire, bgamari

Reviewed By: simonpj

Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter

GHC Trac Issues: #11735

Differential Revision:
parent add4e1f1
......@@ -1693,22 +1693,18 @@ coercionType co = case coercionKindRole co of
-- i.e. the kind of @c@ relates @t1@ and @t2@, then @coercionKind c = Pair t1 t2@.
coercionKind :: Coercion -> Pair Type
coercionKind co = go co
coercionKind co =
{-# SCC "coercionKind" #-}
go co
go (Refl _ ty) = Pair ty ty
go (TyConAppCo _ tc cos)= mkTyConApp tc <$> (sequenceA $ map go cos)
go (AppCo co1 co2) = mkAppTy <$> go co1 <*> go co2
go (ForAllCo tv1 k_co co)
= let Pair _ k2 = go k_co
tv2 = setTyVarKind tv1 k2
Pair ty1 ty2 = go co
subst = zipTvSubst [tv1] [TyVarTy tv2 `mk_cast_ty` mkSymCo k_co]
ty2' = substTyAddInScope subst ty2 in
-- We need free vars of ty2 in scope to satisfy the invariant
-- from Note [The substitution invariant]
-- This is doing repeated substitutions and probably doesn't
-- need to, see #11735
mkInvForAllTy <$> Pair tv1 tv2 <*> Pair ty1 ty2'
go co@(ForAllCo tv1 k_co co1)
| isReflCo k_co = mkInvForAllTy tv1 <$> go co1
| otherwise = go_forall empty_subst co
empty_subst = mkEmptyTCvSubst (mkInScopeSet $ tyCoVarsOfCo co)
go (FunCo _ co1 co2) = mkFunTy <$> go co1 <*> go co2
go (CoVarCo cv) = coVarTypes cv
go (HoleCo h) = coVarTypes (coHoleCoVar h)
......@@ -1760,10 +1756,34 @@ coercionKind co = go co
go_app (InstCo co arg) args = go_app co (arg:args)
go_app co args = piResultTys <$> go co <*> (sequenceA $ map go args)
-- The real mkCastTy is too slow, and we can easily have nested ForAllCos.
mk_cast_ty :: Type -> Coercion -> Type
mk_cast_ty ty (Refl {}) = ty
mk_cast_ty ty co = CastTy ty co
go_forall subst (ForAllCo tv1 k_co co)
-- See Note [Nested ForAllCos]
= mkInvForAllTy <$> Pair tv1 tv2 <*> go_forall subst' co
Pair _ k2 = go k_co
tv2 = setTyVarKind tv1 (substTy subst k2)
subst' | isReflCo k_co = extendTCvInScope subst tv1
| otherwise = extendTvSubst (extendTCvInScope subst tv2) tv1 $
TyVarTy tv2 `mkCastTy` mkSymCo k_co
go_forall subst other_co
= substTy subst `pLiftSnd` go other_co
Note [Nested ForAllCos]
Suppose we need `coercionKind (ForAllCo a1 (ForAllCo a2 ... (ForAllCo an
co)...) )`. We do not want to perform `n` single-type-variable
substitutions over the kind of `co`; rather we want to do one substitution
which substitutes for all of `a1`, `a2` ... simultaneously. If we do one
at a time we get the performance hole reported in Trac #11735.
Solution: gather up the type variables for nested `ForAllCos`, and
substitute for them all at once. Remarkably, for Trac #11735 this single
change reduces /total/ compile time by a factor of more than ten.
-- | Apply 'coercionKind' to multiple 'Coercion's
coercionKinds :: [Coercion] -> Pair [Type]
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