Don't pin a register for gc_thread on SPARC.

This makes the build work again.
parent 9efc323b
......@@ -195,7 +195,14 @@ extern gc_thread **gc_threads;
#define GLOBAL_REG_DECL(type,name,reg) register type name REG(reg);
#if defined(REG_Base) && !defined(i386_HOST_ARCH)
#if defined(sparc_HOST_ARCH)
// Don't use REG_base or R1 for gct on SPARC because they're getting clobbered
// by something else. Not sure what yet. -- BL 2009/01/03
extern __thread gc_thread* gct;
#define DECLARE_GCT __thread gc_thread* gct;
#elif defined(REG_Base) && !defined(i386_HOST_ARCH)
// on i386, REG_Base is %ebx which is also used for PIC, so we don't
// want to steal it
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