Commit e7e58aaf authored by Michal Terepeta's avatar Michal Terepeta
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Set `THREADS` when running validate

GHC testsuite uses the `THREADS` env variable (and not the make's `-j`
setting) to control the parallelism. This commit sets THREADS to the
value of `shakeThreads`.
parent 8933a3a8
......@@ -11,4 +11,4 @@ makeBuilderArgs = do
[ builder (Make gmpBuildPath ) ? append ["MAKEFLAGS=" ++ j]
, builder (Make libffiBuildPath ) ? append ["MAKEFLAGS=" ++ j, "install"]
, builder (Make "testsuite/tests") ? arg "fast" ]
, builder (Make "testsuite/tests") ? append ["THREADS=" ++ show threads, "fast"] ]
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