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configure: Don't pass GHC's sanitized triple to libraries' configure

Reviewers: hvr, rwbarton, austin

Subscribers: thomie, danharaj, erikd

Differential Revision:
parent 2e58c3b2
......@@ -434,8 +434,19 @@ fi
# Despite its similarity in name to TargetPlatform, TargetPlatformFull is used
# in calls to subproject configure scripts and thus must be set to the autoconf
# triple, not the normalized GHC triple that TargetPlatform is set to.
# It may be better to just do away with the GHC triples all together.
# We use the non-canonicalized triple, target_alias, here since the subproject
# configure scripts will use this triple to construct the names of the toolchain
# executables. If we instead passed down the triple produced by
# AC_CANONICAL_TARGET then it may look for the target toolchain under the wrong
# name (this is a known problem in the case of the Android NDK, which has
# slightly odd triples).
# It may be better to just do away with the GHC triples all together. This would
# all be taken care of for us if we configured the subprojects using
# AC_CONFIG_DIR, but unfortunately Cabal needs to be the one to do the
# configuration.
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