Commit e908a4a2 authored by Andrey Mokhov's avatar Andrey Mokhov
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Fix breakage due to changes in Cabal API

parent ebee16a9
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ import Distribution.Package as DP
import Distribution.PackageDescription
import Distribution.PackageDescription.Parse
import Distribution.Text
import Distribution.Types.CondTree
import Distribution.Types.Dependency
import Distribution.Verbosity
......@@ -49,4 +50,4 @@ collectDeps :: Maybe (CondTree v [Dependency] a) -> [Dependency]
collectDeps Nothing = []
collectDeps (Just (CondNode _ deps ifs)) = deps ++ concatMap f ifs
f (_, t, mt) = collectDeps (Just t) ++ collectDeps mt
f (CondBranch _ t mt) = collectDeps (Just t) ++ collectDeps mt
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