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To build a GHC source distribution tarball, run Hadrian with the `sdist-ghc` target.
#### Installation
To build and install GHC artifacts, run the `install` target.
By default, the artifacts will be installed to `<prefix>` on your system. For example,
`ghc` will be installed to `/usr/local/bin`. By modifying `defaultDestDir` in `UserSettings.hs`,
you can install things to non-system path `DESTDIR/<prefix>` instead.
#### Testing
* `build validate` runs GHC tests by simply executing `make fast` in `testsuite/tests`
......@@ -122,12 +130,12 @@ zero (see [#197][test-issue]).
Current limitations
The new build system still lacks many important features:
* There is currently no support for the `dynamic` build way: [#4][dynamic-issue].
* Validation is not implemented: [#187][validation-issue].
* Dynamic linking on Windows is not supported [#343][dynamic-windows-issue].
* Only HTML Haddock documentation is supported (use `--haddock` flag).
* Not all modes of the old build system are supported, e.g. [#250][freeze-issue].
* Cross-compilation is not implemented: [#177][cross-compilation-issue].
* There is no support for installation or binary distribution: [#219][install-issue].
* There is no support for binary distribution: [#219][install-issue].
Check out [milestones] to see when we hope to resolve the above limitations.
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