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Rename some numeric tests: nnnn -> Tnnnn

parent 55e3a485
2302.hs:1:5: Not in scope: data constructor `À'
T2302.hs:1:5: Not in scope: data constructor `À'
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ test('utf8_022', normal, compile_fail, [''])
test('utf8_024', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('1744', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('1103', normal, compile, [''])
test('2302', only_ways(['normal']), compile_fail, [''])
test('4373', normal, compile, [''])
test('T1744', normal, compile_and_run, [''])
test('T1103', normal, compile, [''])
test('T2302', only_ways(['normal']), compile_fail, [''])
test('T4373', normal, compile, [''])
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