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The ru_local field of a CoreRule is False for implicit Ids

	MERGE to 6.6.1

For class-ops, record selectors, data constructors, we want the ru_local
field of the Rule to be False.  We do not attach the rule to the binding
for the Id, because there simply isn't a binding until the code gen stage.

(NB: the ru_local field is different to the orphan-hood of the rule.)

This fixes a bug that meant that RULES on class ops were never exported.
parent 206b7529
......@@ -218,6 +218,10 @@ data CoreRule
-- Locality
ru_local :: Bool -- The fn at the head of the rule is
-- defined in the same module as the rule
-- and is not an implicit Id (like a record sel
-- class op, or data con)
-- NB: ru_local is *not* used to decide orphan-hood
-- c.g. MkIface.coreRuleToIfaceRule
| BuiltinRule { -- Built-in rules are used for constant folding
......@@ -293,9 +293,10 @@ dsRule mod in_scope (L loc (HsRule name act vars lhs tv_lhs rhs fv_rhs))
-- Substitute the dict bindings eagerly,
-- and take the body apart into a (f args) form
{ let local_rule = nameIsLocalOrFrom mod fn_name
-- NB we can't use isLocalId in the orphan test,
-- because isLocalId isn't true of class methods
{ let local_rule = isLocalId fn_id
-- NB: isLocalId is False of implicit Ids. This is good becuase
-- we don't want to attach rules to the bindings of implicit Ids,
-- because they don't show up in the bindings until just before code gen
fn_name = idName fn_id
rule = Rule { ru_name = name, ru_fn = fn_name, ru_act = act,
......@@ -547,12 +547,13 @@ tcIfaceRule (IfaceRule {ifRuleName = name, ifActivation = act, ifRuleBndrs = bnd
; return (bndrs', args', rhs') }
; let mb_tcs = map ifTopFreeName args
; lcl <- getLclEnv
; let this_module = if_mod lcl
; returnM (Rule { ru_name = name, ru_fn = fn, ru_act = act,
ru_bndrs = bndrs', ru_args = args',
ru_rhs = rhs',
ru_rough = mb_tcs,
ru_local = nameModule fn == this_module }) }
ru_local = False }) } -- An imported RULE is never for a local Id
-- or, even if it is (module loop, perhaps)
-- we'll just leave it in the non-local set
-- This function *must* mirror exactly what Rules.topFreeName does
-- We could have stored the ru_rough field in the iface file
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