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Don't add ticks around type applications (#11329)

Test Plan: validate --slow

Reviewers: austin, bgamari, goldfire

Reviewed By: goldfire

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:
parent b5e52bfc
......@@ -515,7 +515,9 @@ addBinTickLHsExpr boxLabel (L pos e0)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Decoarate an HsExpr with ticks
-- Decorate the body of an HsExpr with ticks.
-- (Whether to put a tick around the whole expression was already decided,
-- in the addTickLHsExpr family of functions.)
addTickHsExpr :: HsExpr Id -> TM (HsExpr Id)
addTickHsExpr e@(HsVar (L _ id)) = do freeVar id; return e
......@@ -526,7 +528,13 @@ addTickHsExpr e@(HsOverLabel _) = return e
addTickHsExpr e@(HsLit _) = return e
addTickHsExpr (HsLam matchgroup) = liftM HsLam (addTickMatchGroup True matchgroup)
addTickHsExpr (HsLamCase ty mgs) = liftM (HsLamCase ty) (addTickMatchGroup True mgs)
addTickHsExpr (HsApp e1 e2) = liftM2 HsApp (addTickLHsExprNever e1) (addTickLHsExpr e2)
addTickHsExpr (HsApp e1 e2) = liftM2 HsApp (addTickLHsExprNever e1) e2'
-- This might be a type application. Then don't put a tick around e2,
-- or dsExpr won't recognize it as a type application any more (#11329).
-- It doesn't make sense to put a tick on a type anyways.
where e2'
| isLHsTypeExpr e2 = return e2
| otherwise = addTickLHsExpr e2
addTickHsExpr (OpApp e1 e2 fix e3) =
liftM4 OpApp
......@@ -658,8 +666,6 @@ addTickHsExpr (ExprWithTySigOut e ty) =
(addTickLHsExprNever e) -- No need to tick the inner expression
(return ty) -- for expressions with signatures
addTickHsExpr e@(HsTypeOut _) = return e
-- Others should never happen in expression content.
addTickHsExpr e = pprPanic "addTickHsExpr" (ppr e)
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