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Remove some CPP from nativeGen/X86/Instr.hs

parent 350b5c4e
......@@ -710,11 +710,10 @@ x86_mkRegRegMoveInstr
x86_mkRegRegMoveInstr platform src dst
= case targetClassOfReg platform src of
#if i386_TARGET_ARCH
RcInteger -> MOV II32 (OpReg src) (OpReg dst)
RcInteger -> MOV II64 (OpReg src) (OpReg dst)
RcInteger -> case platformArch platform of
ArchX86 -> MOV II32 (OpReg src) (OpReg dst)
ArchX86_64 -> MOV II64 (OpReg src) (OpReg dst)
_ -> panic "x86_mkRegRegMoveInstr: Bad arch"
RcDouble -> GMOV src dst
RcDoubleSSE -> MOV FF64 (OpReg src) (OpReg dst)
_ -> panic "X86.RegInfo.mkRegRegMoveInstr: no match"
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