Commit eda26ed7 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Use -perm -100 rather than -perm /a+x when looking for executable files

/a+x doesn't work on some Solaris and OS X machines. Spotted by
Christian Maeder.
parent 9f3483fa
......@@ -25,7 +25,12 @@ endif
# Executables
-$(FIND) . -name "*.wrapper" -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
-$(FIND) $(EXE_DIST_DIR)/setup-config -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
-$(FIND) $(EXE_DIST_DIR) -type f -perm /a+x -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
# We want the executable files, which in theory would be -perm /a+x
# ("any execute bit is set") but that doesn't work on some solaris
# and OS X machines, so we use -perm -100 instead ("the user execute
# bit is set"). In practice, this is extremely unlikely not to be the
# same set of files.
-$(FIND) $(EXE_DIST_DIR) -type f -perm -100 -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
# Docs
# This gives us both docbook docs, and haddock docs
$(FIND) . -name "*.haddock" -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
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