Commit ee02ab59 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Test Trac #5566

parent 6f362e31
{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}
module T5566 where
class C a where
c :: a
$([d| instance C Int where c = 0 |] )
data D = D
$([d| instance C D where c = D |] )
$([d| instance Show D where show _ = "D" |] )
:l T5566
c :: Int
c :: D
show D
......@@ -105,3 +105,4 @@ test('T5130', normal, ghci_script, ['T5130.script'])
test('T5417', normal, ghci_script, ['T5417.script'])
test('T5545', normal, ghci_script, ['T5545.script'])
test('T5557', normal, ghci_script, ['T5557.script'])
test('T5566', normal, ghci_script, ['T5566.script'])
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