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update docs regarding .a files and GHCi (#3345)

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......@@ -880,28 +880,6 @@ ghc-pkg dot | tred | dot -Tpdf >pkgs.pdf
<para>Automatically generate the GHCi
<filename>.o</filename> version of each
<filename>.a</filename> Haskell library, using GNU ld (if
that is available). Without this option,
<literal>ghc-pkg</literal> will warn if GHCi versions of
any Haskell libraries in the package don't exist.</para>
<para>GHCi <literal>.o</literal> libraries don't
necessarily have to live in the same directory as the
corresponding <literal>.a</literal> library. However,
this option will cause the GHCi library to be created in
the same directory as the <literal>.a</literal>
<option>-f</option> <replaceable>file</replaceable>
......@@ -1054,15 +1032,31 @@ ghc-pkg dot | tred | dot -Tpdf >pkgs.pdf
so check the documentation if you run into difficulties.</para>
<para>Versions of the Haskell libraries for use with GHCi may also
be included: GHCi cannot load <literal>.a</literal> files
directly, instead it will look for an object file
called <filename>HSfoo.o</filename> and load that. On some
systems, the <literal>ghc-pkg</literal> tool can automatically
build the GHCi version of each library, see
<xref linkend="package-management"/>. To build these libraries
by hand from the <literal>.a</literal> archive, it is possible
to use GNU <command>ld</command> as follows:</para>
<para>To load a package <literal>foo</literal>, GHCi can load
its <literal>libHSfoo.a</literal> library directly, but it
can also load a package in the form of a
single <literal>HSfoo.o</literal> file that has been
pre-linked. Loading the <literal>.o</literal> file is
slightly quicker, but at the expense of having another copy
of the compiled package. The rule of thumb is that if the
modules of the package were compiled
with <option>-split-objs</option> then building
the <literal>HSfoo.o</literal> is worthwhile because it
saves time when loading the package into GHCi.
Without <option>-split-objs</option>, there is not much
difference in load time between the <literal>.o</literal>
and <literal>.a</literal> libraries, so it is better to save
the disk space and only keep the <literal>.a</literal>
around. In a GHC distribution we
provide <literal>.o</literal> files for most packages except
the GHC package itself.
<para>The <literal>HSfoo.o</literal> file is built by Cabal
use <option>--disable-library-for-ghci</option> to disable
it. To build one manually, the following
GNU <command>ld</command> command can be used:</para>
<screen>ld -r &ndash;&ndash;whole-archive -o HSfoo.o libHSfoo.a</screen>
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