Commit f011f587 authored by Sergei Trofimovich's avatar Sergei Trofimovich

rules: add per-library EXTRA_HC_OPTS

Sometimes it's handy to change a compiler flag
for a library in stage{0,1,2}.

Usage example:

    libraries/binary_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -O1
    libraries/containers_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -O1
    libraries/bytestring_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -O1

Here override default -O2 defined in .cabal files
for these libraries to speed build up.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSergei Trofimovich <>
parent c9977385
......@@ -145,6 +145,7 @@ $1_$2_$3_MOST_HC_OPTS = \
$$($1_$2_HC_OPTS) \
$$($1_$2_MORE_HC_OPTS) \
$$($1_EXTRA_HC_OPTS) \
$$($1_$2_EXTRA_HC_OPTS) \
$$($1_$2_$3_HC_OPTS) \
$$($$(basename $$(subst ./,,$$<))_HC_OPTS) \
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