Commit f17a5765 authored by Neil Mitchell's avatar Neil Mitchell Committed by Marge Bot
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ImplicitParams does not imply FlexibleContexts or FlexibleInstances, fixes #16248

parent be8a803f
......@@ -5879,8 +5879,7 @@ The superclasses of a class declaration
.. extension:: FlexibleContexts
:shortdesc: Enable flexible contexts. Implied by
:shortdesc: Enable flexible contexts.
:since: 6.8.1
......@@ -6464,7 +6463,6 @@ Relaxed rules for the instance head
.. extension:: FlexibleInstances
:shortdesc: Enable flexible instances.
Implies :extension:`TypeSynonymInstances`.
Implied by :extension:`ImplicitParams`.
:implies: :extension:`TypeSynonymInstances`
:since: 6.8.1
......@@ -10882,7 +10880,6 @@ Implicit parameters
.. extension:: ImplicitParams
:shortdesc: Enable Implicit Parameters.
Implies :extension:`FlexibleContexts` and :extension:`FlexibleInstances`.
:since: 6.8.1
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