Commit f41a8a36 authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts Committed by Edward Z. Yang
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Add and use a new dynamic-library-dirs field in the ghc-pkg info

Build systems / package managers want to be able to control the file
layout of installed libraries. In general they may want/need to be able
to put the static libraries and dynamic libraries in different places.
The ghc-pkg library regisrtation needs to be able to handle this.

This is already possible in principle by listing both a static lib dir
and a dynamic lib dir in the library-dirs field (indeed some previous
versions of Cabal did this for shared libs on ELF platforms).

The downside of listing both dirs is twofold. There is a lack of
precision, if we're not careful with naming then we could end up
picking up the wrong library. The more immediate problem however is
that if we list both directories then both directories get included
into the ELF and Mach-O shared object runtime search paths. On ELF this
merely slows down loading of shared libs (affecting prog startup time).
On the latest OSX versions this provokes a much more serious problem:
that there is a rather low limit on the total size of the section
containing the runtime search path (and lib names and related) and thus
listing any unnecessary directories wastes the limited space.

So the solution in this patch is fairly straightforward: split the
static and dynamic library search paths in the ghc-pkg db and its use
within ghc. This is a traditional solution: pkg-config has the same
static / dynamic split (though it describes in in terms of private and
public, but it translates into different behaviour for static and
dynamic linking).

Indeed it would make perfect sense to also have a static/dynamic split
for the list of the libraries to use i.e. to have dynamic variants of
the hs-libraries and extra-libraries fields. These are not immediately
required so this patch does not add it, but it is a reasonable
direction to follow.

To handle compatibility, if the new dynamic-library-dirs field is not
specified then its value is taken from the library-dirs field.

Contains Cabal submodule update.

Test Plan:
Run ./validate

Get christiaanb and carter to test it on OSX Sierra, in combination
with Cabal/cabal-install changes to the default file layout for

Reviewers: carter, austin, hvr, christiaanb, bgamari

Reviewed By: christiaanb, bgamari

Subscribers: ezyang, Phyx, thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #12479
parent 6ddba642
......@@ -311,6 +311,7 @@ buildUnit session cid insts lunit = do
hsLibraries = [],
extraLibraries = [],
extraGHCiLibraries = [],
libraryDynDirs = [],
libraryDirs = [],
frameworks = [],
frameworkDirs = [],
......@@ -1182,7 +1182,8 @@ linkPackage hsc_env pkg
= do
let dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env
platform = targetPlatform dflags
dirs = Packages.libraryDirs pkg
dirs | interpreterDynamic dflags = Packages.libraryDynDirs pkg
| otherwise = Packages.libraryDirs pkg
let hs_libs = Packages.hsLibraries pkg
-- The FFI GHCi import lib isn't needed as
......@@ -428,7 +428,7 @@ linkingNeeded dflags staticLink linkables pkg_deps = do
-- next, check libraries. XXX this only checks Haskell libraries,
-- not extra_libraries or -l things from the command line.
let pkg_hslibs = [ (libraryDirs c, lib)
let pkg_hslibs = [ (collectLibraryPaths dflags [c], lib)
| Just c <- map (lookupInstalledPackage dflags) pkg_deps,
lib <- packageHsLibs dflags c ]
......@@ -103,6 +103,7 @@ pprPackageConfig InstalledPackageInfo {..} =
field "trusted" (ppr trusted),
field "import-dirs" (fsep (map text importDirs)),
field "library-dirs" (fsep (map text libraryDirs)),
field "dynamic-library-dirs" (fsep (map text libraryDynDirs)),
field "hs-libraries" (fsep (map text hsLibraries)),
field "extra-libraries" (fsep (map text extraLibraries)),
field "extra-ghci-libraries" (fsep (map text extraGHCiLibraries)),
......@@ -541,7 +541,8 @@ readPackageConfig dflags conf_file = do
top_dir = topDir dflags
pkgroot = takeDirectory conf_file
pkg_configs1 = map (mungePackagePaths top_dir pkgroot) proto_pkg_configs
pkg_configs1 = map (mungePackageConfig top_dir pkgroot)
pkg_configs2 = setBatchPackageFlags dflags pkg_configs1
return (conf_file, pkg_configs2)
......@@ -580,6 +581,22 @@ setBatchPackageFlags dflags pkgs = maybeDistrustAll pkgs
distrust pkg = pkg{ trusted = False }
mungePackageConfig :: FilePath -> FilePath
-> PackageConfig -> PackageConfig
mungePackageConfig top_dir pkgroot =
. mungePackagePaths top_dir pkgroot
mungeDynLibFields :: PackageConfig -> PackageConfig
mungeDynLibFields pkg =
pkg {
libraryDynDirs = libraryDynDirs pkg
`orIfNull` libraryDirs pkg
orIfNull [] flags = flags
orIfNull flags _ = flags
-- TODO: This code is duplicated in utils/ghc-pkg/Main.hs
mungePackagePaths :: FilePath -> FilePath -> PackageConfig -> PackageConfig
-- Perform path/URL variable substitution as per the Cabal ${pkgroot} spec
......@@ -595,6 +612,7 @@ mungePackagePaths top_dir pkgroot pkg =
importDirs = munge_paths (importDirs pkg),
includeDirs = munge_paths (includeDirs pkg),
libraryDirs = munge_paths (libraryDirs pkg),
libraryDynDirs = munge_paths (libraryDynDirs pkg),
frameworkDirs = munge_paths (frameworkDirs pkg),
haddockInterfaces = munge_paths (haddockInterfaces pkg),
haddockHTMLs = munge_urls (haddockHTMLs pkg)
......@@ -1459,10 +1477,11 @@ collectIncludeDirs ps = nub (filter notNull (concatMap includeDirs ps))
-- | Find all the library paths in these and the preload packages
getPackageLibraryPath :: DynFlags -> [PreloadUnitId] -> IO [String]
getPackageLibraryPath dflags pkgs =
collectLibraryPaths `fmap` getPreloadPackagesAnd dflags pkgs
collectLibraryPaths dflags `fmap` getPreloadPackagesAnd dflags pkgs
collectLibraryPaths :: [PackageConfig] -> [FilePath]
collectLibraryPaths ps = nub (filter notNull (concatMap libraryDirs ps))
collectLibraryPaths :: DynFlags -> [PackageConfig] -> [FilePath]
collectLibraryPaths dflags = nub . filter notNull
. concatMap (libraryDirsForWay dflags)
-- | Find all the link options in these and the preload packages,
-- returning (package hs lib options, extra library options, other flags)
......@@ -1514,6 +1533,12 @@ packageHsLibs dflags p = map (mkDynName . addSuffix) (hsLibraries p)
expandTag t | null t = ""
| otherwise = '_':t
-- | Either the 'libraryDirs' or 'libraryDynDirs' as appropriate for the way.
libraryDirsForWay :: DynFlags -> PackageConfig -> [String]
libraryDirsForWay dflags
| WayDyn `elem` ways dflags = libraryDynDirs
| otherwise = libraryDirs
-- | Find all the C-compiler options in these and the preload packages
getPackageExtraCcOpts :: DynFlags -> [PreloadUnitId] -> IO [String]
getPackageExtraCcOpts dflags pkgs = do
......@@ -1584,7 +1584,7 @@ linkDynLib dflags0 o_files dep_packages
pkgs <- getPreloadPackagesAnd dflags dep_packages
let pkg_lib_paths = collectLibraryPaths pkgs
let pkg_lib_paths = collectLibraryPaths dflags pkgs
let pkg_lib_path_opts = concatMap get_pkg_lib_path_opts pkg_lib_paths
get_pkg_lib_path_opts l
| ( osElfTarget (platformOS (targetPlatform dflags)) ||
Subproject commit 3ece1013df8ba4c9719d2183afd2b03c4bddf851
Subproject commit a7fb9b9ae733ceb3c52fee68e6e1a6ded5fb91da
......@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ data InstalledPackageInfo compid srcpkgid srcpkgname instunitid unitid modulenam
extraLibraries :: [String],
extraGHCiLibraries :: [String],
libraryDirs :: [FilePath],
libraryDynDirs :: [FilePath],
frameworks :: [String],
frameworkDirs :: [FilePath],
ldOptions :: [String],
......@@ -163,6 +164,7 @@ emptyInstalledPackageInfo =
extraLibraries = [],
extraGHCiLibraries = [],
libraryDirs = [],
libraryDynDirs = [],
frameworks = [],
frameworkDirs = [],
ldOptions = [],
......@@ -306,7 +308,8 @@ instance (RepInstalledPackageInfo a b c d e f g) =>
unitId componentId instantiatedWith sourcePackageId
packageName packageVersion
abiHash depends importDirs
hsLibraries extraLibraries extraGHCiLibraries libraryDirs
hsLibraries extraLibraries extraGHCiLibraries
libraryDirs libraryDynDirs
frameworks frameworkDirs
ldOptions ccOptions
includes includeDirs
......@@ -327,6 +330,7 @@ instance (RepInstalledPackageInfo a b c d e f g) =>
put extraLibraries
put extraGHCiLibraries
put libraryDirs
put libraryDynDirs
put frameworks
put frameworkDirs
put ldOptions
......@@ -356,6 +360,7 @@ instance (RepInstalledPackageInfo a b c d e f g) =>
extraLibraries <- get
extraGHCiLibraries <- get
libraryDirs <- get
libraryDynDirs <- get
frameworks <- get
frameworkDirs <- get
ldOptions <- get
......@@ -379,7 +384,8 @@ instance (RepInstalledPackageInfo a b c d e f g) =>
(map fromStringRep depends)
hsLibraries extraLibraries extraGHCiLibraries libraryDirs
hsLibraries extraLibraries extraGHCiLibraries
libraryDirs libraryDynDirs
frameworks frameworkDirs
ldOptions ccOptions
includes includeDirs
......@@ -248,6 +248,10 @@ updateInstallDirTemplates relocatableBuild myPrefix myLibdir myDocdir idts
if relocatableBuild
then "$topdir"
else myLibdir,
dynlibdir = toPathTemplate $
(if relocatableBuild
then "$topdir"
else myLibdir) </> "$libname",
libsubdir = toPathTemplate "$libname",
docdir = toPathTemplate $
if relocatableBuild
......@@ -1112,6 +1112,7 @@ convertPackageInfoToCacheFormat pkg =
GhcPkg.extraLibraries = extraLibraries pkg,
GhcPkg.extraGHCiLibraries = extraGHCiLibraries pkg,
GhcPkg.libraryDirs = libraryDirs pkg,
GhcPkg.libraryDynDirs = libraryDynDirs pkg,
GhcPkg.frameworks = frameworks pkg,
GhcPkg.frameworkDirs = frameworkDirs pkg,
GhcPkg.ldOptions = ldOptions pkg,
......@@ -1624,6 +1625,7 @@ checkPackageConfig pkg verbosity db_stack
checkDuplicateDepends (depends pkg)
mapM_ (checkDir False "import-dirs") (importDirs pkg)
mapM_ (checkDir True "library-dirs") (libraryDirs pkg)
mapM_ (checkDir True "dynamic-library-dirs") (libraryDynDirs pkg)
mapM_ (checkDir True "include-dirs") (includeDirs pkg)
mapM_ (checkDir True "framework-dirs") (frameworkDirs pkg)
mapM_ (checkFile True "haddock-interfaces") (haddockInterfaces pkg)
......@@ -1632,7 +1634,7 @@ checkPackageConfig pkg verbosity db_stack
checkExposedModules db_stack pkg
checkOtherModules pkg
let has_code = Set.null (openModuleSubstFreeHoles (Map.fromList (instantiatedWith pkg)))
when has_code $ mapM_ (checkHSLib verbosity (libraryDirs pkg)) (hsLibraries pkg)
when has_code $ mapM_ (checkHSLib verbosity (libraryDirs pkg ++ libraryDynDirs pkg)) (hsLibraries pkg)
-- ToDo: check these somehow?
-- extra_libraries :: [String],
-- c_includes :: [String],
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