Commit f43bedee authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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make the change to go_pap suggested in #4978. According to nofib, one

program is improved quite dramatically (fft2 30% less allocation), and
everything else was unchanged.
parent 46176dfa
......@@ -589,12 +589,10 @@ exprIsCheap' good_app other_expr -- Applications and variables
go _ _ = False
go_pap args = all exprIsTrivial args
-- For constructor applications and primops, check that all
-- the args are trivial. We don't want to treat as cheap, say,
-- (1:2:3:4:5:[])
-- We'll put up with one constructor application, but not dozens
go_pap args = all (exprIsCheap' good_app) args
-- Used to be "all exprIsTrivial args" due to concerns about
-- duplicating nested constructor applications, but see #4978.
go_primop op args = primOpIsCheap op && all (exprIsCheap' good_app) args
-- In principle we should worry about primops
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