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Forgot to remove HsCore (now IfaceSyn)
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% (c) The GRASP/AQUA Project, Glasgow University, 1993-1998
%* *
\section[HsCore]{Core-syntax unfoldings in Haskell interface files}
%* *
We could either use this, or parameterise @GenCoreExpr@ on @Types@ and
@TyVars@ as well. Currently trying the former... MEGA SIGH.
module HsCore (
UfExpr(..), UfAlt, UfBinder(..), UfNote(..),
UfBinding(..), UfConAlt(..),
HsIdInfo(..), pprHsIdInfo,
eq_ufExpr, eq_ufBinders, pprUfExpr,
toUfExpr, toUfBndr, ufBinderName
) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
-- friends:
import HsTypes ( HsType, pprParendHsType, pprHsTyVarBndr, toHsType,
HsTupCon(..), EqHsEnv, hsTupParens,
emptyEqHsEnv, extendEqHsEnv,
eq_hsType, eq_hsVars
-- others:
import Id ( idArity, idType, isDataConWorkId_maybe, isFCallId_maybe )
import Var ( varType, isId )
import IdInfo ( InlinePragInfo )
import Name ( Name, NamedThing(..), eqNameByOcc )
import RdrName ( RdrName, rdrNameOcc )
import CoreSyn
import CostCentre ( pprCostCentreCore )
import NewDemand ( StrictSig, pprIfaceStrictSig )
import Literal ( Literal )
import ForeignCall ( ForeignCall )
import DataCon ( dataConTyCon, dataConSourceArity )
import TyCon ( isTupleTyCon, tupleTyConBoxity )
import Type ( Kind, eqKind )
import BasicTypes ( Arity )
import FiniteMap ( lookupFM )
import CostCentre
import Util ( eqListBy, lengthIs )
import Outputable
import FastString
%* *
\subsection[HsCore-types]{Types for read/written Core unfoldings}
%* *
data UfExpr name
= UfVar name
| UfType (HsType name)
| UfTuple HsTupCon [UfExpr name] -- Type arguments omitted
| UfLam (UfBinder name) (UfExpr name)
| UfApp (UfExpr name) (UfExpr name)
| UfCase (UfExpr name) name [UfAlt name]
| UfLet (UfBinding name) (UfExpr name)
| UfNote (UfNote name) (UfExpr name)
| UfLit Literal
| UfFCall ForeignCall (HsType name)
data UfNote name = UfSCC CostCentre
| UfCoerce (HsType name)
| UfInlineCall
| UfInlineMe
| UfCoreNote String
type UfAlt name = (UfConAlt name, [name], UfExpr name)
data UfConAlt name = UfDefault
| UfDataAlt name
| UfTupleAlt HsTupCon
| UfLitAlt Literal
data UfBinding name
= UfNonRec (UfBinder name)
(UfExpr name)
| UfRec [(UfBinder name, UfExpr name)]
data UfBinder name
= UfValBinder name (HsType name)
| UfTyBinder name Kind
ufBinderName :: UfBinder name -> name
ufBinderName (UfValBinder n _) = n
ufBinderName (UfTyBinder n _) = n
%* *
\subsection{Converting from Core to UfCore}
%* *
toUfExpr :: CoreExpr -> UfExpr Name
toUfExpr (Var v) = toUfVar v
toUfExpr (Lit l) = UfLit l
toUfExpr (Type ty) = UfType (toHsType ty)
toUfExpr (Lam x b) = UfLam (toUfBndr x) (toUfExpr b)
toUfExpr (App f a) = toUfApp f [a]
toUfExpr (Case s x as) = UfCase (toUfExpr s) (getName x) (map toUfAlt as)
toUfExpr (Let b e) = UfLet (toUfBind b) (toUfExpr e)
toUfExpr (Note n e) = UfNote (toUfNote n) (toUfExpr e)
toUfNote (SCC cc) = UfSCC cc
toUfNote (Coerce t1 _) = UfCoerce (toHsType t1)
toUfNote InlineCall = UfInlineCall
toUfNote InlineMe = UfInlineMe
toUfNote (CoreNote s) = UfCoreNote s
toUfBind (NonRec b r) = UfNonRec (toUfBndr b) (toUfExpr r)
toUfBind (Rec prs) = UfRec [(toUfBndr b, toUfExpr r) | (b,r) <- prs]
toUfAlt (c,bs,r) = (toUfCon c, map getName bs, toUfExpr r)
toUfCon (DataAlt dc) | isTupleTyCon tc = UfTupleAlt (mk_hs_tup_con tc dc)
| otherwise = UfDataAlt (getName dc)
tc = dataConTyCon dc
toUfCon (LitAlt l) = UfLitAlt l
toUfCon DEFAULT = UfDefault
mk_hs_tup_con tc dc = HsTupCon (tupleTyConBoxity tc) (dataConSourceArity dc)
toUfBndr x | isId x = UfValBinder (getName x) (toHsType (varType x))
| otherwise = UfTyBinder (getName x) (varType x)
toUfApp (App f a) as = toUfApp f (a:as)
toUfApp (Var v) as
= case isDataConWorkId_maybe v of
-- We convert the *worker* for tuples into UfTuples
Just dc | isTupleTyCon tc && saturated
-> UfTuple (mk_hs_tup_con tc dc) tup_args
val_args = dropWhile isTypeArg as
saturated = val_args `lengthIs` idArity v
tup_args = map toUfExpr val_args
tc = dataConTyCon dc
other -> mkUfApps (toUfVar v) as
toUfApp e as = mkUfApps (toUfExpr e) as
mkUfApps = foldl (\f a -> UfApp f (toUfExpr a))
toUfVar v = case isFCallId_maybe v of
-- Foreign calls have special syntax
Just fcall -> UfFCall fcall (toHsType (idType v))
other -> UfVar (getName v)
%* *
\subsection[HsCore-print]{Printing Core unfoldings}
%* *
instance OutputableBndr name => Outputable (UfExpr name) where
ppr e = pprUfExpr noParens e
-- Small-hack alert: this instance allows us to do a getOccName on RdrNames.
-- Important because we want to pretty-print UfExprs, and we have to
-- print an '@' before tyvar-binders in a case alternative.
instance NamedThing RdrName where
getOccName n = rdrNameOcc n
getName n = pprPanic "instance NamedThing RdrName" (ppr n)
noParens :: SDoc -> SDoc
noParens pp = pp
pprUfExpr :: OutputableBndr name => (SDoc -> SDoc) -> UfExpr name -> SDoc
-- The function adds parens in context that need
-- an atomic value (e.g. function args)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfVar v) = ppr v
pprUfExpr add_par (UfLit l) = ppr l
pprUfExpr add_par (UfFCall cc ty) = braces (ppr cc <+> ppr ty)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfType ty) = char '@' <+> pprParendHsType ty
pprUfExpr add_par e@(UfLam _ _) = add_par (char '\\' <+> hsep (map (pprBndr LambdaBind) bndrs)
<+> ptext SLIT("->") <+> pprUfExpr noParens body)
where (bndrs,body) = collectUfBndrs e
pprUfExpr add_par app@(UfApp _ _) = add_par (pprUfApp app)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfTuple c as) = hsTupParens c (interpp'SP as)
pprUfExpr add_par (UfCase scrut bndr alts)
= add_par (hsep [ptext SLIT("case"), pprUfExpr noParens scrut, ptext SLIT("of"), ppr bndr,
braces (hsep (map pp_alt alts))])
pp_alt (UfTupleAlt tup_con, bs, rhs) = hsTupParens tup_con (interpp'SP bs) <+> ppr_rhs rhs
pp_alt (c, bs, rhs) = ppr c <+> hsep (map (pprBndr CaseBind) bs) <+> ppr_rhs rhs
ppr_rhs rhs = ptext SLIT("->") <+> pprUfExpr noParens rhs <> semi
pprUfExpr add_par (UfLet (UfNonRec b rhs) body)
= add_par (hsep [ptext SLIT("let"),
braces (pprBndr LetBind b <+> equals <+> pprUfExpr noParens rhs),
ptext SLIT("in"), pprUfExpr noParens body])
pprUfExpr add_par (UfLet (UfRec pairs) body)
= add_par (hsep [ptext SLIT("__letrec"), braces (hsep (map pp_pair pairs)),
ptext SLIT("in"), pprUfExpr noParens body])
pp_pair (b,rhs) = ppr b <+> equals <+> pprUfExpr noParens rhs <> semi
pprUfExpr add_par (UfNote note body) = add_par (ppr note <+> pprUfExpr parens body)
pprUfApp (UfApp fun arg) = pprUfApp fun <+> pprUfExpr parens arg
pprUfApp fun = pprUfExpr parens fun
collectUfBndrs :: UfExpr name -> ([UfBinder name], UfExpr name)
collectUfBndrs expr
= go [] expr
go bs (UfLam b e) = go (b:bs) e
go bs e = (reverse bs, e)
instance Outputable name => Outputable (UfNote name) where
ppr (UfSCC cc) = pprCostCentreCore cc
ppr (UfCoerce ty) = ptext SLIT("__coerce") <+> pprParendHsType ty
ppr UfInlineCall = ptext SLIT("__inline_call")
ppr UfInlineMe = ptext SLIT("__inline_me")
ppr (UfCoreNote s)= ptext SLIT("__core_note") <+> pprHsString (mkFastString s)
instance Outputable name => Outputable (UfConAlt name) where
ppr UfDefault = text "__DEFAULT"
ppr (UfLitAlt l) = ppr l
ppr (UfDataAlt d) = ppr d
instance Outputable name => Outputable (UfBinder name) where
ppr (UfValBinder name ty) = hsep [ppr name, dcolon, pprParendHsType ty]
ppr (UfTyBinder name kind) = char '@' <+> pprHsTyVarBndr name kind
instance OutputableBndr name => OutputableBndr (UfBinder name) where
pprBndr _ (UfValBinder name ty) = hsep [ppr name, dcolon, pprParendHsType ty]
pprBndr _ (UfTyBinder name kind) = char '@' <+> pprHsTyVarBndr name kind
%* *
\subsection[HsCore-print]{Equality, for interface file checking
%* *
Whe comparing UfExprs, we compare names by converting to RdrNames and comparing
those. Reason: this is used when comparing ufoldings in interface files, and the
uniques can differ. Converting to RdrNames makes it more like comparing the file
contents directly. But this is bad: version numbers can change when only alpha-conversion
has happened.
The hack shows up in eq_ufVar
There are corresponding getOccName calls in MkIface.diffDecls
instance (NamedThing name, Ord name) => Eq (UfExpr name) where
(==) a b = eq_ufExpr emptyEqHsEnv a b
eq_ufBinder env (UfValBinder n1 t1) (UfValBinder n2 t2) k
= eq_hsType env t1 t2 && k (extendEqHsEnv env n1 n2)
eq_ufBinder env (UfTyBinder n1 k1) (UfTyBinder n2 k2) k
= k1 `eqKind` k2 && k (extendEqHsEnv env n1 n2)
eq_ufBinder _ _ _ _ = False
eq_ufBinders env [] [] k = k env
eq_ufBinders env (b1:bs1) (b2:bs2) k = eq_ufBinder env b1 b2 (\env -> eq_ufBinders env bs1 bs2 k)
eq_ufBinders env _ _ _ = False
eq_ufVar :: (NamedThing name, Ord name) => EqHsEnv name -> name -> name -> Bool
-- Compare *Rdr* names. A real hack to avoid gratuitous
-- differences when comparing interface files
eq_ufVar env n1 n2 = case lookupFM env n1 of
Just n1 -> check n1
Nothing -> check n1
check n1 = eqNameByOcc (getName n1) (getName n2)
eq_ufExpr :: (NamedThing name, Ord name) => EqHsEnv name -> UfExpr name -> UfExpr name -> Bool
eq_ufExpr env (UfVar v1) (UfVar v2) = eq_ufVar env v1 v2
eq_ufExpr env (UfLit l1) (UfLit l2) = l1 == l2
eq_ufExpr env (UfFCall c1 ty1) (UfFCall c2 ty2) = c1==c2 && eq_hsType env ty1 ty2
eq_ufExpr env (UfType ty1) (UfType ty2) = eq_hsType env ty1 ty2
eq_ufExpr env (UfTuple n1 as1) (UfTuple n2 as2) = n1==n2 && eqListBy (eq_ufExpr env) as1 as2
eq_ufExpr env (UfLam b1 body1) (UfLam b2 body2) = eq_ufBinder env b1 b2 (\env -> eq_ufExpr env body1 body2)
eq_ufExpr env (UfApp f1 a1) (UfApp f2 a2) = eq_ufExpr env f1 f2 && eq_ufExpr env a1 a2
eq_ufExpr env (UfCase s1 b1 as1) (UfCase s2 b2 as2)
= eq_ufExpr env s1 s2 &&
eqListBy (eq_ufAlt (extendEqHsEnv env b1 b2)) as1 as2
eq_ufAlt env (c1,bs1,r1) (c2,bs2,r2)
= eq_ufConAlt env c1 c2 && eq_hsVars env bs1 bs2 (\env -> eq_ufExpr env r1 r2)
eq_ufExpr env (UfLet (UfNonRec b1 r1) x1) (UfLet (UfNonRec b2 r2) x2)
= eq_ufExpr env r1 r2 && eq_ufBinder env b1 b2 (\env -> eq_ufExpr env x1 x2)
eq_ufExpr env (UfLet (UfRec as1) x1) (UfLet (UfRec as2) x2)
= eq_ufBinders env bs1 bs2 (\env -> eqListBy (eq_ufExpr env) rs1 rs2 && eq_ufExpr env x1 x2)
(bs1,rs1) = unzip as1
(bs2,rs2) = unzip as2
eq_ufExpr env (UfNote n1 r1) (UfNote n2 r2)
= eq_ufNote n1 n2 && eq_ufExpr env r1 r2
eq_ufNote (UfSCC c1) (UfSCC c2) = c1==c2
eq_ufNote (UfCoerce t1) (UfCoerce t2) = eq_hsType env t1 t2
eq_ufNote UfInlineCall UfInlineCall = True
eq_ufNote UfInlineMe UfInlineMe = True
eq_ufNote (UfCoreNote s1) (UfCoreNote s2) = s1==s2
eq_ufNote _ _ = False
eq_ufExpr env _ _ = False
eq_ufConAlt env UfDefault UfDefault = True
eq_ufConAlt env (UfDataAlt n1) (UfDataAlt n2) = n1==n2
eq_ufConAlt env (UfTupleAlt c1) (UfTupleAlt c2) = c1==c2
eq_ufConAlt env (UfLitAlt l1) (UfLitAlt l2) = l1==l2
eq_ufConAlt env _ _ = False
%* *
\subsection{Rules in interface files}
%* *
pprHsIdInfo :: OutputableBndr n => [HsIdInfo n] -> SDoc
pprHsIdInfo [] = empty
pprHsIdInfo info = ptext SLIT("{-##") <+> hsep (map ppr_hs_info info) <+> ptext SLIT("##-}")
data HsIdInfo name
= HsArity Arity
| HsStrictness StrictSig
| HsUnfold InlinePragInfo (UfExpr name)
| HsNoCafRefs
| HsWorker name Arity -- Worker, if any see IdInfo.WorkerInfo
-- for why we want arity here.
deriving( Eq )
-- NB: Specialisations and rules come in separately and are
-- only later attached to the Id. Partial reason: some are orphans.
ppr_hs_info (HsUnfold prag unf) = ptext SLIT("__U") <> ppr prag <+> parens (pprUfExpr noParens unf)
ppr_hs_info (HsArity arity) = ptext SLIT("__A") <+> int arity
ppr_hs_info (HsStrictness str) = ptext SLIT("__S") <+> pprIfaceStrictSig str
ppr_hs_info HsNoCafRefs = ptext SLIT("__C")
ppr_hs_info (HsWorker w a) = ptext SLIT("__P") <+> ppr w <+> int a
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