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Fix Trac #2055

Sorry, this was my fault, a consequence of the quasi-quoting patch.  

I've added rn062 as a test.
parent 00fc612d
......@@ -869,8 +869,10 @@ checkShadowedNames doc_str (global_env,local_env) loc_rdr_names
| otherwise = return ()
complain pp_locs = addWarnAt loc (shadowedNameWarn doc_str occ pp_locs)
mb_local = lookupLocalRdrOcc local_env occ
gres = lookupGlobalRdrEnv global_env occ
mb_local = lookupLocalRdrOcc local_env occ
gres = lookupGRE_RdrName (mkRdrUnqual occ) global_env
-- Make an Unqualified RdrName and look that up, so that
-- we don't find any GREs that are in scope qualified-only
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