Commit f5b43ce1 authored by Austin Seipp's avatar Austin Seipp

compiler/specialise: shut match_co up a bit

This stray pprTrace is quite annoying and makes our build logs a bit
bigger (hundreds of lines of occurrences), so we should probably just
get rid of it. Kept under DEBUG for future brave hackers.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>

Reviewed By: thomie, nomeata

Differential Revision:
parent a52f1444
......@@ -733,9 +733,13 @@ match_co renv subst (TyConAppCo r1 tc1 cos1) co2
| r1 == r2 && tc1 == tc2
-> match_cos renv subst cos1 cos2
_ -> Nothing
match_co _ _ co1 co2
= pprTrace "match_co: needs more cases" (ppr co1 $$ ppr co2) Nothing
match_co _ _ _co1 _co2
-- Currently just deals with CoVarCo, TyConAppCo and Refl
#ifdef DEBUG
= pprTrace "match_co: needs more cases" (ppr _co1 $$ ppr _co2) Nothing
= Nothing
match_cos :: RuleMatchEnv
-> RuleSubst
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