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Update FastString docstrings

1) FastStrings are always UTF-8 encoded now.
2) Clarify what is meant by "hashed"
3) Add mention of lazy z-enc
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......@@ -171,20 +171,22 @@ mkFastZStringString str = FastZString (BSC.pack str)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
A 'FastString' is an array of bytes, hashed to support fast O(1)
comparison. It is also associated with a character encoding, so that
we know how to convert a 'FastString' to the local encoding, or to the
Z-encoding used by the compiler internally.
{-| A 'FastString' is a UTF-8 encoded string together with a unique ID. All
'FastString's are stored in a global hashtable to support fast O(1)
'FastString's support a memoized conversion to the Z-encoding via zEncodeFS.
It is also associated with a lazy reference to the Z-encoding
of this string which is used by the compiler internally.
data FastString = FastString {
uniq :: {-# UNPACK #-} !Int, -- unique id
n_chars :: {-# UNPACK #-} !Int, -- number of chars
fs_bs :: {-# UNPACK #-} !ByteString,
fs_zenc :: FastZString -- lazily computed z-encoding of this string
fs_zenc :: FastZString
-- ^ Lazily computed z-encoding of this string.
-- Since 'FastString's are globally memoized this is computed at most
-- once for any given string.
instance Eq FastString where
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