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notes about which versions of GHC can be used to bootstrap

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supported method, and you may encounter difficulties. Full
instructions are in <xref linkend="sec-porting-ghc"/>.</para>
<para>Which version of GHC you need will depend on the
packages you intend to build. GHC itself will normally
build using one of several older versions of itself - check
the announcement or release notes for details.</para>
<para>GHC can be built using either an earlier released
version of GHC (currently 5.04 and later are supported), or
bootstrapped using a GHC built from exactly the same
sources. Note that this means you cannot in general build
GHC using an arbitrary development snapshot, or a build from
say last week. It might work, it might not - we don't
guarantee anything. To be on the safe side, start your
build using the most recently released stable version of
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