Commit f6f18818 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Fix docbook syntax in user guide

parent be0693dc
......@@ -5052,7 +5052,7 @@ type instance F t1 .. tn = t
<sect3 id-="equality-constraints">
<sect3 id="equality-constraints">
<title>Equality constraints</title>
Type context can include equality constraints of the form <literal>t1 ~
......@@ -5094,7 +5094,7 @@ class (F a ~ b) => C a b where
<sect3 id-="ty-fams-in-instances">
<sect3 id="ty-fams-in-instances">
<title>Type families and instance declarations</title>
<para>Type families require us to extend the rules for
the form of instance heads, which are given
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