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[project @ 2002-08-29 10:23:06 by simonmar]

Remove old droppings
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TOP = ..
include $(TOP)/mk/
TopSort.hs CmdLexer.hs CmdParser.hs CmdSemantics.hs CmdSyntax.hs KludgedSystem.hs Main.hs \
basicRxLib/AbsTreeDefs.hs basicRxLib/Assertions.hs \
basicRxLib/AugTreeDefs.hs basicRxLib/AugmentTree.hs \
basicRxLib/BagRE.hs basicRxLib/CompileREP.hs \
basicRxLib/CompileREPB.hs basicRxLib/CompileRES.hs \
basicRxLib/ConstructorMonad.hs basicRxLib/ExecRE.hs \
basicRxLib/FiniteMap.hs basicRxLib/Global.hs \
basicRxLib/HandleInterval.hs basicRxLib/HandleSubexp.hs \
basicRxLib/IsPrefix.hs basicRxLib/MakeNFA.hs \
basicRxLib/MakeNFANode.hs basicRxLib/Matchers.hs \
basicRxLib/NFADefs.hs basicRxLib/OrdList.hs \
basicRxLib/ParsePolyRegexp.hs basicRxLib/ParsePolyRegexpBasic.hs \
basicRxLib/ParseStringRegexp.hs basicRxLib/Parsers.hs basicRxLib/Regexp.hs
all :: runtests
SRC_HC_OPTS += -package lang -package util -cpp -W -fno-warn-unused-matches -ibasicRxLib
runtests: $(RUNTESTS_SRCS)
$(GHC) $(HC_OPTS) --make Main -o runtests
CLEAN_FILES += CmdParser.hs basicRxLib/*.o basicRxLib/*.hi
include $(TOP)/mk/
When the test system is started with
runtests --tool=compiler/to/test/ghc-inplace
and it is running the test
the variable values automatically available are
$tool compiler/to/test/ghc-inplace
$confdir foo/bar
$conffile fancyconfig.T
$testdir path/to/testdir
$testroot script
$testfile script.T
However, if it was using default.T as the test file and xyz.hs
as the source file, these would be:
$tool compiler/to/test/ghc-inplace
$confdir foo/bar
$conffile fancyconfig.T
$testdir path/to/testdir
$testroot xyz
$testfile default.T
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