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parent da345e4c
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ endif
# within the build tree. On Windows this causes a problem as they look
# like bad rules, due to the two colons, so we filter them out.
grep -v ' : [a-zA-Z]:/' $$@.tmp > $$@.tmp2
# Insert the calls to hi-rule. Basically, we look for the
# Foo.dyn_o Foo.o : Foo.hs
# lines, and create corresponding hi-rule lines
# $(eval $(call hi-rule,Foo.dyn_hi Foo.hi : %hi: %o Foo.hs))
sed '/hs$$$$/ p ; \
/hs$$$$/ s/o /hi /g ; \
/hs$$$$/ s/:/ : %hi: %o / ; \
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