Commit f858980b authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Test for problem with compiling the base package with --make

parent d53022ae
module GHC.Base where
import GHC.Prim
default ()
class Eq a where
(==), (/=) :: a -> a -> Bool
x /= y = not (x == y)
x == y = not (x /= y)
data Bool = False | True deriving Eq
not :: Bool -> Bool
not True = False
not False = True
module GHC.Foo where
import GHC.Base
foo = True == True
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
rm -f GHC/*.o GHC/*.hi
$(TEST_HC) -fno-implicit-prelude -package-name base -c GHC/Base.hs
$(TEST_HC) -fno-implicit-prelude -package-name base --make GHC.Foo
test('base01', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE -s base01'])
if default_testopts.cleanup != '':
runCmd('$MAKE -s -C ' + in_testdir('') + ' clean')
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