Commit f9b3ff49 authored by pdfrod's avatar pdfrod Committed by Austin Seipp
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Fix typo in User's Guide

Signed-off-by: default avatarAustin Seipp <>
parent fa8b20af
......@@ -8675,7 +8675,7 @@ proc (x,y) ->
which is translated to
arr (\ (x,y) -> if f x y then Left x else Right y) >>>
(arr (\x -> x+1) >>> f) ||| (arr (\y -> y+2) >>> g)
(arr (\x -> x+1) >>> g) ||| (arr (\y -> y+2) >>> h)
Since the translation uses <function>|||</function>,
the arrow concerned must belong to the <literal>ArrowChoice</literal> class.
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