Commit fa4769e9 authored by rrt's avatar rrt

[project @ 2001-03-07 10:27:43 by rrt]

On mingwin, remove CRs from input file, to prevent problems when
reading from unmounted partitions. (This shouldn't be a problem, but
it is; this fix makes the mangler a bit more robust anyway.)
parent 9eae079b
......@@ -417,6 +417,7 @@ sub mangle_asm {
$i = 0; $chkcat[0] = 'misc'; $chk[0] = '';
while (<INASM>) {
tr/\r//d if $TargetPlatform =~ /-mingw32$/;
next if $T_STABBY && /^\.stab.*${T_US}__stg_split_marker/o;
next if $T_STABBY && /^\.stab.*ghc.*c_ID/;
next if /^\t\.def.*endef$/;
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