Commit fa71e6c7 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix #4988: we were wrongly running exception handlers in the

maskUninterruptible state instead of ordinary mask, due to a
misinterpretation of the way the TSO_INTERRUPTIBLE flag works.

Remarkably this must have been broken for quite some time.  Indeed we
even had a test that demonstrated the wrong behaviour (conc015a) but
presumably I didn't look hard enough at the output to notice that it
was wrong.
parent c27df60d
......@@ -556,17 +556,19 @@ retry_pop_stack:
/* Ensure that async excpetions are blocked when running the handler.
* The interruptible state is inherited from the context of the
* catch frame.
StgTSO_flags(CurrentTSO) = %lobits32(
TO_W_(StgTSO_flags(CurrentTSO)) | TSO_BLOCKEX);
if ((StgCatchFrame_exceptions_blocked(frame) & TSO_INTERRUPTIBLE) == 0) {
/* The interruptible state is inherited from the context of the
* catch frame, but note that TSO_INTERRUPTIBLE is only meaningful
* if TSO_BLOCKEX is set. (we got this wrong earlier, and #4988
* was a symptom of the bug).
if ((StgCatchFrame_exceptions_blocked(frame) &
StgTSO_flags(CurrentTSO) = %lobits32(
TO_W_(StgTSO_flags(CurrentTSO)) & ~TSO_INTERRUPTIBLE);
} else {
StgTSO_flags(CurrentTSO) = %lobits32(
/* Call the handler, passing the exception value and a realworld
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