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OPTIONS_GHC overrides the command-line, not the other way around

parent bcf84370
......@@ -73,10 +73,9 @@ module X where
maintains internally, so you'll be desperately disappointed if
you try to glob etc. inside <literal>OPTIONS_GHC</literal>.</para>
<para>NOTE: the contents of OPTIONS_GHC are prepended to the
command-line options, so you <emphasis>do</emphasis> have the
ability to override OPTIONS_GHC settings via the command
<para>NOTE: the contents of OPTIONS_GHC are appended to the
command-line options, so options given in the source file
override those given on the command-line.</para>
<para>It is not recommended to move all the contents of your
Makefiles into your source files, but in some circumstances, the
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