Commit faa30dcb authored by Andreas Klebinger's avatar Andreas Klebinger Committed by Marge Bot
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Warn about missing profiled libs when using the Interpreter.

When GHC itself, or it's interpreter is profiled we need to load
profiled libraries as well.

This requirement is not always obvious, especially when TH
implicilty uses the interpreter.

When the libs were not found we fall back to assuming the
are in a DLL. This is usually not the case so now we warn
users when we do so. This makes it more obvious what is
happening and gives users a way to fix the issue.

This fixes #17121.
parent 96c5411a
......@@ -1178,6 +1178,13 @@ data LibrarySpec
| Framework String -- Only used for darwin, but does no harm
instance Outputable LibrarySpec where
ppr (Objects objs) = text "Objects" <+> ppr objs
ppr (Archive a) = text "Archive" <+> text a
ppr (DLL s) = text "DLL" <+> text s
ppr (DLLPath f) = text "DLLPath" <+> text f
ppr (Framework s) = text "Framework" <+> text s
-- If this package is already part of the GHCi binary, we'll already
-- have the right DLLs for this package loaded, so don't try to
-- load them again.
......@@ -1524,10 +1531,25 @@ locateLib hsc_env is_hs lib_dirs gcc_dirs lib
in apply (map implib import_libs)
_ -> return Nothing
assumeDll = return (DLL lib)
-- TH Makes use of the interpreter so this failure is not obvious.
-- So we are nice and warn/inform users why we fail before we do.
-- But only for haskell libraries, as C libraries don't have a
-- profiling/non-profiling distinction to begin with.
| is_hs
, not loading_dynamic_hs_libs
, interpreterProfiled dflags
= do
warningMsg dflags
(text "Interpreter failed to load profiled static library" <+> text lib <> char '.' $$
text " \tTrying dynamic library instead. If this fails try to rebuild" <+>
text "libraries with profiling support.")
return (DLL lib)
| otherwise = return (DLL lib)
infixr `orElse`
f `orElse` g = f >>= maybe g return
apply :: [IO (Maybe a)] -> IO (Maybe a)
apply [] = return Nothing
apply (x:xs) = do x' <- x
if isJust x'
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