Commit faeb0a68 authored by cactus's avatar cactus

nlHsTyApps: for applying a function both on type- and term-level arguments

parent 5fe872d3
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ module HsUtils(
mkHsOpApp, mkHsDo, mkHsComp, mkHsWrapPat, mkHsWrapPatCo,
mkLHsPar, mkHsCmdCast,
nlHsTyApp, nlHsVar, nlHsLit, nlHsApp, nlHsApps, nlHsIntLit, nlHsVarApps,
nlHsTyApp, nlHsTyApps, nlHsVar, nlHsLit, nlHsApp, nlHsApps, nlHsIntLit, nlHsVarApps,
nlHsDo, nlHsOpApp, nlHsLam, nlHsPar, nlHsIf, nlHsCase, nlList,
mkLHsTupleExpr, mkLHsVarTuple, missingTupArg,
toHsType, toHsKind,
......@@ -177,6 +177,9 @@ mkSimpleHsAlt pat expr
nlHsTyApp :: name -> [Type] -> LHsExpr name
nlHsTyApp fun_id tys = noLoc (HsWrap (mkWpTyApps tys) (HsVar fun_id))
nlHsTyApps :: name -> [Type] -> [LHsExpr name] -> LHsExpr name
nlHsTyApps fun_id tys xs = foldl nlHsApp (nlHsTyApp fun_id tys) xs
--------- Adding parens ---------
mkLHsPar :: LHsExpr name -> LHsExpr name
-- Wrap in parens if hsExprNeedsParens says it needs them
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