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Hadrian: introduce an easy way for users to build with -split-sections

Any user can now trivially build any number of Haskell packages with
`-split-sections` by using `splitSections`/`splitSectionsIf` on any
existing or new flavour:

    -- build all packages but the ghc library with -split-sections
    splitSections :: Flavour -> Flavour

    -- build all packages that satisfy the given predicate
    -- with --split-sections
    splitSectionsIf :: (Package -> Bool) -> Flavour -> Flavour

See the new section in `doc/`.
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......@@ -271,6 +271,32 @@ all of the documentation targets:
You can pass several `--docs=...` flags, Hadrian will combine
their effects.
## Split sections
You can build all or just a few packages with
[`-split-sections`][split-sections] by tweaking an existing
flavour (whichever matches your needs) using
`splitSections` or `splitSectionsIf`:
``` haskell
splitSections :: Flavour -> Flavour
splitSectionsIf :: (Package -> Bool) -> Flavour -> Flavour
For example, you can easily start with the `quick` flavour and
additionally build all Haskell packages with `-split-sections` by defining a new
flavour as
`(splitSectionsIf (const True) quickFlavour) { name = "quick-split" }`.
You can then start a build with this flavour with `build --flavour=quick-split`.
Changing `(const True)` to `(== base)` would only build `base` with
`-split-sections`, not all Haskell packages as with `quick-split` above.
`splitSections` is simply `splitSectionsIf` applied to the predicate
`(/=ghc)`, i.e it builds all Haskell packages but the `ghc`
library with `-split-sections` (it is usually not worth using that
option with the `ghc` library).
## Miscellaneous
Hadrian prints various progress info during the build. You can change the colours
......@@ -295,3 +321,5 @@ Dull Blue
Vivid Cyan
Extended "203"
module Flavour
( Flavour (..), werror
, DocTargets, DocTarget(..)
, splitSections, splitSectionsIf
) where
import Expression
import Data.Set (Set)
import Packages
-- Please update doc/{,} when changing this file.
-- | 'Flavour' is a collection of build settings that fully define a GHC build.
......@@ -63,3 +65,26 @@ data DocTarget = Haddocks | SphinxHTML | SphinxPDFs | SphinxMan
-- It mimics the CI settings so is useful to turn on when developing.
werror :: Flavour -> Flavour
werror fl = fl { args = args fl <> (builder Ghc ? notStage0 ? arg "-Werror") }
-- | Transform the input 'Flavour' so as to build with
-- @-split-sections@ whenever appropriate. You can
-- select which package gets built with split sections
-- by passing a suitable predicate. If the predicate holds
-- for a given package, then @split-sections@ is used when
-- building it. If the given flavour doesn't build
-- anything in a @dyn@-enabled way, then 'splitSections' is a no-op.
splitSectionsIf :: (Package -> Bool) -> Flavour -> Flavour
splitSectionsIf pkgPredicate fl = fl { args = args fl <> splitSectionsArg }
where splitSectionsArg = do
way <- getWay
pkg <- getPackage
(Dynamic `wayUnit` way) ? pkgPredicate pkg ?
builder (Ghc CompileHs) ? arg "-split-sections"
-- | Like 'splitSectionsIf', but with a fixed predicate: use
-- split sections for all packages but the GHC library.
splitSections :: Flavour -> Flavour
splitSections = splitSectionsIf (/=ghc)
-- Disable section splitting for the GHC library. It takes too long and
-- there is little benefit.
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