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[project @ 1999-03-02 19:10:07 by sof]

On mingw32, which is the only 'platform' where we support producing
DLLs, prefix each static closure with a zero word. This is needed so
that we can distinguish between pointers to (reversed!) info tables
and static closures just by checking whether there's a zero word just
above the pointed-to entity. Wish there was a better way..
parent 5cea3b9d
......@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ sub init_TARGET_STUFF {
$T_HDR_data = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_consist = "\.text\n";
$T_HDR_closure = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_closure = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n\t.long 0\n" if ( $TargetPlatform =~ /.*-mingw32$/ );
$T_HDR_srt = "\.data\n\t\.align 2\n";
$T_HDR_info = "\.text\n\t\.align 2\n"; # NB: requires padding
$T_HDR_entry = "\.text\n"; # no .align so we're right next to _info (arguably wrong...?)
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