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Add WAY_debug_t_NAME and WAY_debug_t_HC_OPTS

parent bcbb5b1e
......@@ -1152,6 +1152,10 @@ WAY_debug_p_HC_OPTS=-optc-DDEBUG -prof
WAY_debug_u_NAME=debug unregisterised
WAY_debug_u_HC_OPTS=-optc-DDEBUG -unreg
# Way 'debug_t':
WAY_debug_t_NAME=debug ticky-ticky profiling
WAY_debug_t_HC_OPTS= -ticky -optc-DDEBUG
# Way 'thr_debug':
WAY_thr_debug_HC_OPTS=-optc-DTHREADED_RTS -optc-DDEBUG
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