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Better error messages for deriving

parent 382cae3a
......@@ -2359,14 +2359,18 @@ tcSimplifyDeriv orig tyvars theta
; wanteds <- newDictBndrsO orig (substTheta tenv theta)
; (irreds, _) <- topCheckLoop doc wanteds
; let (dicts, non_dicts) = partition isDict irreds
-- Exclude implication consraints
; addNoInstanceErrs non_dicts -- I'm not sure if these can really happen
-- Insist that the context of a derived instance declaration
-- consists of constraints of form (C a b), where a,b are
-- type variables
-- NB: the caller will further check the tv_dicts for
-- legal instance-declaration form
; let (tv_dicts, non_tv_dicts) = partition isTyVarDict irreds
; addNoInstanceErrs non_tv_dicts
; let rev_env = zipTopTvSubst tvs (mkTyVarTys tyvars)
simpl_theta = substTheta rev_env (map dictPred dicts)
-- This reverse-mapping is a Royal Pain,
-- but the result should mention TyVars not TcTyVars
simpl_theta = substTheta rev_env (map dictPred tv_dicts)
-- This reverse-mapping is a pain, but the result
-- should mention the original TyVars not TcTyVars
; return simpl_theta }
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