Commit fd213d17 authored by Daniel Gröber (dxld)'s avatar Daniel Gröber (dxld)

rts: retainer: Update obsolete docs for traverseMaybeInitClosureData

parent 44d5cc0d
......@@ -970,20 +970,12 @@ endRetainerProfiling( void )
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Returns the actual pointer to the retainer set of the closure *c.
* It may adjust RSET(c) subject to flip.
* Side effects:
* RSET(c) is initialized to NULL if its current value does not
* conform to flip.
* Note:
* Even though this function has side effects, they CAN be ignored because
* subsequent calls to retainerSetOf() always result in the same return value
* and retainerSetOf() is the only way to retrieve retainerSet of a given
* closure.
* We have to perform an XOR (^) operation each time a closure is examined.
* The reason is that we do not know when a closure is visited last.
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
* Make sure a closure's profiling data is initialized to zero if it does not
* conform to the current value of the flip bit.
* See Note [Profiling heap traversal visited bit].
traverseMaybeInitClosureData(StgClosure *c)
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