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[project @ 2005-10-05 13:09:28 by simonmar]

Mention that assertions are turned off by -O
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......@@ -4369,12 +4369,13 @@ can still define and use your own versions of
To have the compiler ignore uses of assert, use the compiler option
<option>-fignore-asserts</option>. <indexterm><primary>-fignore-asserts
option</primary></indexterm> That is, expressions of the form
GHC ignores assertions when optimisation is turned on with the
<option>-O</option><indexterm><primary><option>-O</option></primary></indexterm> flag. That is, expressions of the form
<literal>assert pred e</literal> will be rewritten to
<literal>e</literal>. You can also disable assertions using the
Assertion failures can be caught, see the documentation for the
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