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[project @ 2005-03-17 12:04:07 by simonpj]

Re-clarify hs-boot docs
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......@@ -719,12 +719,12 @@ When a hs-boot file <filename>A.hs-boot</filename>
<command>ghc -M</command> will report an error if a cycle is found.
<listitem><para> Every module that is
<literal>{-# SOURCE #-}</literal>-imported in a program must also be ordinarily imported (or
else be one of the root modules). To put it another way, if <literal>M.hs-boot</literal> is
reachable in the import graph, then <literal>M.hs</literal> must also be reachable.
The command <command>ghc --make</command> will report an error if this
condition is not satisfied.
<listitem><para> A module <literal>M</literal> that is
<literal>{-# SOURCE #-}</literal>-imported in a program will usually also be
ordinarily imported elsewhere. If not, <command>ghc --make</command>
automatically adds <literal>M</literal> to the set of moudles it tries to
compile and link, to ensure that <literal>M</literal>'s implementation is included in
the final program.
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