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Sort rules and instances lexicographically in interface files

We should sort rules and instances lexicographically, not by Unique,
in interface files, else we get unnecessary "rules changed" and hence
unnecessary recompilation.

This bug has been there since the interface-file upheaval that put Names
into IfaceSyn.
parent d6b89927
......@@ -176,8 +176,9 @@ instance Eq OccName where
(OccName sp1 s1) == (OccName sp2 s2) = s1 == s2 && sp1 == sp2
instance Ord OccName where
compare (OccName sp1 s1) (OccName sp2 s2) = (s1 `compare` s2) `thenCmp`
(sp1 `compare` sp2)
-- Compares lexicographically, *not* by Unique of the string
compare (OccName sp1 s1) (OccName sp2 s2)
= (s1 `compare` s2) `thenCmp` (sp1 `compare` sp2)
......@@ -188,7 +188,6 @@ import TyCon
import DataCon
import Type
import TcType
import TysPrim
import InstEnv
import FamInstEnv
import TcRnMonad
......@@ -276,9 +275,13 @@ mkIface hsc_env maybe_old_iface
mi_deps = deps,
mi_usages = usages,
mi_exports = mkIfaceExports exports,
-- Sort these lexicographically, so that
-- the result is stable across compilations
mi_insts = sortLe le_inst iface_insts,
mi_fam_insts= sortLe le_fam_inst iface_fam_insts,
mi_rules = sortLe le_rule iface_rules,
mi_fixities = fixities,
mi_deprecs = deprecs,
mi_globals = Just rdr_env,
......@@ -314,13 +317,18 @@ mkIface hsc_env maybe_old_iface
; return (new_iface, no_change_at_all) }
r1 `le_rule` r2 = ifRuleName r1 <= ifRuleName r2
i1 `le_inst` i2 = ifDFun i1 <= ifDFun i2
i1 `le_fam_inst` i2 = ifFamInstTyConOcc i1 <= ifFamInstTyConOcc i2
r1 `le_rule` r2 = ifRuleName r1 <= ifRuleName r2
i1 `le_inst` i2 = ifDFun i1 `le_occ` ifDFun i2
i1 `le_fam_inst` i2 = ifFamInstTcName i1 `le_occ` ifFamInstTcName i2
le_occ :: Name -> Name -> Bool
-- Compare lexicographically by OccName, *not* by unique, because
-- the latter is not stable across compilations
le_occ n1 n2 = nameOccName n1 <= nameOccName n2
dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env
deliberatelyOmitted x = panic ("Deliberately omitted: " ++ x)
ifFamInstTyConOcc = nameOccName . ifaceTyConName . ifFamInstTyCon
ifFamInstTcName = ifaceTyConName . ifFamInstTyCon
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