Commit fe4008f6 authored by Gabor Greif's avatar Gabor Greif 💬
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Remove identity update of field componentsConfigs

... in LocalBuildInfo, getting rid of a TODO in the
process. Turns out that componentsConfigs won't be
a field in Cabal 2.0 any more, so this can be seen
as a preparation for it.
parent 1101045c
......@@ -229,12 +229,7 @@ doRegister directory distDir ghc ghcpkg topdir
progs' <- configurePrograms [ghcProgram', ghcPkgProgram'] progs
instInfos <- dump (hcPkgInfo progs') verbosity GlobalPackageDB
let installedPkgs' = PackageIndex.fromList instInfos
let updateComponentConfig (clbi, deps)
= (updateComponentLocalBuildInfo clbi, deps)
updateComponentLocalBuildInfo clbi = clbi -- TODO: remove
ccs' = map updateComponentConfig (componentsConfigs lbi)
lbi' = lbi {
componentsConfigs = ccs',
let lbi' = lbi {
installedPkgs = installedPkgs',
installDirTemplates = idts,
withPrograms = progs'
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