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Better scoring for loop breakers; fixes simplifier loop in nofib/minimax

See Note [Inline candidates] in OccurAnal.  We were getting a recursive
loop exposed, which led to infinite inlinings.  Doesn't bite much, but
was obviously wrong.

I've change the "scoring order" for loop breakers, which could possibly
have a performance impact on other programs.  A full nofib run exposed
a 0.00% change in allocation in any nofib program, so I don't think it's
likely, but keep an eye out.
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......@@ -308,12 +308,10 @@ reOrderCycle bndrs (bind : binds)
-- Also vital to avoid risk of divergence:
-- Note [Recursive rules]
| is_con_app rhs = 2 -- Data types help with cases
-- This used to have a lower score than inlineCandidate, but
-- it's *really* helpful if dictionaries get inlined fast,
-- so I'm experimenting with giving higher priority to data-typed things
| inlineCandidate bndr rhs = 2 -- Likely to be inlined
-- Note [Inline candidates]
| inlineCandidate bndr rhs = 1 -- Likely to be inlined
| is_con_app rhs = 1 -- Data types help with cases
| otherwise = 0
......@@ -356,6 +354,25 @@ makeLoopBreaker bndrs rhs_usg bndr
rules_only = bndrs `intersectsUFM` rhs_usg
Note [Inline candidates]
At one point I gave is_con_app a higher score than inline-candidate,
on the grounds that "it's *really* helpful if dictionaries get inlined fast".
However a nofib run revealed no change if they were swapped so that
inline-candidate has the higher score. And it's important that it does,
else you can get a bad worker-wrapper split thus:
rec {
$wfoo x = x....
{-loop brk-} foo x = ...$wfoo x...
But we *want* the wrapper to be inlined! If it isn't, the interface
file sees the unfolding for $wfoo, and sees that foo is strict (and
hence it gets an auto-generated wrapper. Result: an infinite inlining
in the importing scope. So be a bit careful if you change this. A
good example is Tree.repTree in nofib/spectral/minimax. If is_con_app
has the higher score, then compiling Game.hs goes into an infinite loop.
Note [Recursive rules]
Consider this group, which is typical of what SpecConstr builds:
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