Commit feae0702 authored by ken's avatar ken
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[project @ 2001-09-15 04:29:58 by ken]

Make the binary distribution Makefile work with non-GNU make when
installing in-place. MERGE TO STABLE
parent 1c89aa7f
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ config-pkgs ::
# Convert pwd's UNC reported path into DOS style
# (cygwin32 only.)
CURRENT_DIR = $(shell pwd | sed 's|^//\(.\)|\1:|' )
CURRENT_DIR = `pwd | sed 's|^//\(.\)|\1:|'`
in-place ::
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) config-pkgs bindir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/bin/$(platform) libdir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/lib/$(platform) datadir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/share
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