Commit fecb6afe authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove some old temporary warning suppression for hoopl warnings

parent 229e9fc5
......@@ -86,15 +86,6 @@ libraries/haskeline_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -fno-warn-unused-imports
libraries/binary_dist-boot_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -fno-warn-unused-imports
libraries/binary_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -fno-warn-unused-imports -fno-warn-identities
# Temporarily turn off -Werror for some Hoopl modules that have
# non-exhaustive pattern-match warnings
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/Util_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/GraphUtil_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/MkGraph_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/XUtil_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/Pointed_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
libraries/hoopl/src/Compiler/Hoopl/Passes/Dominator_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
# temporarily turn off -Werror for mtl
libraries/mtl_dist-install_EXTRA_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn
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