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[project @ 2002-04-13 13:34:03 by sof]

Calling-in section: clarify truth vs. fiction
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......@@ -240,6 +240,15 @@ Scheduler may side-track it and also ask it to evaluate other Haskell threads.
<strong>Note:</strong> As of 20020413, the implementation of the RTS API
only serializes access to the allocator between multiple OS threads wanting
to call into Haskell (via the RTS API.) It does not coordinate this access
to the allocator with that of the OS worker thread that's currently executing
within the RTS. This weakness/bug is scheduled to be tackled as part of an
overhaul/reworking of the RTS API itself.
<!---- *************************************** ----->
<h2>Subsystems introduced/modified</h2>
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