1. 02 Dec, 1999 5 commits
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  4. 29 Nov, 1999 6 commits
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 18:59:23 by sewardj] · b3c8ae4e
      sewardj authored
      Make StgHugs use the same naming scheme as GHC does for class +
      instance machinery.
      Add machinery to do Z-encoding/decoding of names extracted from
      interface files.
      Make the ELF object loader work again.  It seemed to have suffered
      slight bitrot over the past couple of months.  Fix various minor bugs.
      Track a small change in interface file syntax.
      Make Printer.c print tagged-unboxed stack sections in a decent way
      now that Alastair-style stack tags have been abandoned.
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 18:53:14 by sewardj] · 13d14c51
      sewardj authored
      Implement foreign import dynamic.
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 17:34:14 by simonpj] · e1a4f2a5
      simonpj authored
      Make it so that a class decl generates default method decls
      for every method, not just for the ones that the user supplies
      default-methods for.
      GHC will never call these default-default methods, because
      when it finds an instance decl with no defn for a method,
      *and* the class decl doesn't have a user-programmed default
      method, it whips up a new default method for that instance
      decl so that the error message is more informative than
      the default-default method would be.
      But Hugs isn't so smart, and wants to call something from
      the class decl.
      This change required fiddling with more than I expected.  Sigh.
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 14:52:24 by keithw] · 0f2ca589
      keithw authored
      error.h -> stgerror.h
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 13:21:32 by sewardj] · 2e7b6126
      sewardj authored
      error.h --> stgerror.h
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      [project @ 1999-11-29 12:02:42 by keithw] · 0ee48772
      keithw authored
      This commit adds the new RTS option `-xc', which prints the current
      cost-centre stack to stderr whenever an exception is raised.  This is
      intended to be a debugging tool, to help trace those "Prelude.head:
      empty list" errors that are so frustrating to find.
      `-xc' is only available for programs compiled with -prof, and you
      probably want -auto as well to get useful information.
      This is currently experimental; it would be better if it only
      displayed the info for *uncaught* exceptions, but this is harder to
      This commit also makes an OFTEL-inspired extension to the RTS option
      space.  Since we've almost run out of options, `-x' is now reserved
      for `extended' options.  `-xc' is the first of these, but that leaves
      '-x[0-9A-Zabd-wyz]' still to be used!  The prefix `-xx' is reserved
      for future extension.
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  6. 25 Nov, 1999 6 commits