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      [project @ 2000-04-30 01:42:23 by chak] · dc02653b
      chak authored
      The first version of a script that allows building rpm packages directly from
      CVS.  It currently works for ghc only, but will be extended to cover the
      other fptools.
      It should work on all rpm-based systems, as I tried to avoid any dependency on
      Red Hat systems (as far as I am aware of them).  In particular, the rpm build
      process is carried out below /tmp instead of the standard /usr/src/redhat
      By default the cvs head of the anonymous repository is built, but cvs-style -d
      -D, and -r options allow to built from a different repository and revision.
      [This version is only half tested, because the CVS head seems to not build
      anymore today.]